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Burns House, 19 Town Range*GX11 1AA, Gibraltar Registered Address:
+44 7920 395397
Superyacht with Wings
By now it is a known fact: the deployment of foils, hydrofoils or immersed wings is currently revolutionizing the sailing yachts’ world and more generally small sailing craft as well. We’re not just talking about foils that allow yachts to rise off the water and to ‘fly’, much in the same way as competition models taking part in America’s Cup races and more. We’re talking about those foils that are ‘hidden’ below the water and change performance notably while avoiding the dangers related to ‘flying’! Click here  to  download the PDF and read the full article about the Baltic 142 and DSS Foils  in SuperYacht International magazine 
Burns House, 19 Town Range
GX11 1AA, Gibraltar

UK: +44 7920 395397
Registered Address: