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Burns House, 19 Town Range*GX11 1AA, Gibraltar Registered Address:
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Infiniti 46 “Maverick” wins division and achieves 2nd overall in the RORC Transatlantic Race 2016

Following a challenging race of over 3000nm the Infiniti 46 has again proved her pedigree by arriving ahead of much larger yachts, in a tough race with weather conditions that were far from the classic trade winds expected. A complex weather pattern meant that upwind sailing, negotiating several fronts, was the fastest way to get to the elusive trade winds, providing an excellent test of the all-round capabilities of the Infiniti 46.

© RORC/Arthur Daniel
Founder of Infiniti Yachts, Gordon Kay, took the opportunity to spend some time on board as part of a product development assessment and pronounced his satisfaction with the yacht, “No matter what the weather threw at her she was always quick, manageable and sea kindly. You become used to speeds in the high teens and into the twenties, with minimal heel, but it never becomes boring! It was very encouraging to see the yacht match or exceed our expectations in such a tough environment.”

MAVERICK, Group A (IRC Classes 0-1-2), Sail n: GBR4945R, Owner: QUENTIN STEWART

© Carlo Borlenghi
Oliver Cotterell, skipper of the Maverick shared his thoughts, “This was our longest and toughest race and whilst we are still learning to get the best from the yacht we are delighted with the performance and handling thanks to the design and Dynamic Stability Systems. We used the DSS foils extensively in the race, even when it was just about helping the yacht cope with the sea state as opposed to foiling. We have a happy crew who love to go fast and most importantly the owner is thrilled with the whole process. We are looking forward to the RORC Caribbean 600 early next year.” Gordon Kay concludes, “What is most pleasing is knowing we have substantially overdelivered to the brief and frankly a satisfied client is more important than the win in the race.” For more information on Infiniti Yachts please visit the website and to learn more about the technology which makes this level of performance possible visit
Burns House, 19 Town Range
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