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Burns House, 19 Town Range*GX11 1AA, Gibraltar Registered Address:
+44 7920 395397

DEVELOPED IN PIETARSAARI, FINLAND, THIS YACHT TOOK ITS FIRST STEPS IN THE COLD WATERS OF NORTHERN EUROPE, between Finland, the Scandinavian peninsula and the Netherlands. However, its real christening took place last summer with Sardinia’s mistral wind. It was there that Baltic received the confirmation it was expecting. The 142 Canova is stable, fast and resilient. It might seem absurd that a ship of this size needs confirmation, but so many innovations and different technologies were used during the construction that nothing can be taken for granted. It’s no coincidence that everyone was on board…

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Burns House, 19 Town Range
GX11 1AA, Gibraltar

UK: +44 7920 395397
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