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Burns House, 19 Town Range*GX11 1AA, Gibraltar Registered Address:
+44 7920 395397

Thursday November 19th, 2020

Infiniti Yachts is proud to form part of the Canova team honoured with this prestigious award.

The 15th edition of The World Superyacht Awards was hosted by Boat International Media as a virtual event on Friday 13th November continuing its annual recognition of the World’s most outstanding yachts.

We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude and congratulations to Canova’s Owner for his trust in innovation and our partners at Baltic Yachts, Farr Yacht Design and Lucio Micheletti.

The 43.3 metre Canova built by Baltic Shipyard is fitted with the Infiniti Dynamic Stability Systems (DSS) foil.

Canova is the first sailing superyacht to successfully carry a foil. The Dynamic Stability Systems (DSS) creates stability whilst enhancing performance and comfort. The highly efficient singly traverse DSS foil reduces drag and pitching by as much as 42%. The Infiniti DSS system utilizes retractable foils to reduce heel angles by 30% and provide progressive dynamic lift complementing a fixed or canting keel.

The ground-breaking Infiniti DSS and environmental technology built into Canova was one of the many reasons the panel of World Superyacht Awards Judges chose her as “Sailing Yacht of the Year” as well as “Best Sailing Yacht” in her category.

The World Superyacht Awards Judges statement:

“Canova boasts ground-breaking innovation with her Dynamic Stability Systems foil, whose proven ability to reduce heel, increase speed and improve ride comfort might just persuade more owners to build large sailing yachts. This, the judges considered, is a vessel that should influence the future of sailing superyachts.”

Canova’s owner provided a clear brief to the team, to build a large sailing yacht suitable for comfortable long-distance cruising.

The World Superyacht Awards winner’s statement:

“This yacht is a design leader. They (the judges) admired her high-quality build, attractive lines and excellent general arrangement plan, and were blown away by the yacht’s concept and systems, including the innovative technology requested by her owner. A secret ballot confirmed her as the winner by a huge margin.”

Thanks to her Owner, Canova has joined the ranks of one of the world’s most iconic sailing yachts – now also recognized by the World Superyacht Awards.

Burns House, 19 Town Range
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