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BOAT International’s ‘Life under Sail’ targets next generation of sailors at MYC

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are rarely hoisted, Gordon Kay (Infiniti Yachts) of hydrofoils, while Michael Schmidt (Y Yachts) and Henry Hawkins (Baltic Yachts) talked of ‘keeping it simple’.

Stefano De Vivo, Chief Commercial Officer Ferretti Group and MD of Monaco-based Wally, explained how you feel dwarfed on a sail yacht in port when alongside similar-priced motor yachts and believes Monaco Yacht Show should dedicate a zone to supersailers and give them ‘dignity’.

All agreed there are those who will want sailing performance at any cost while another breed will be looking for the comforts of motor yachts, using the wind to help with sustainable living. Thys Nikkels, MD of Dykstra Naval Architects, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year as pioneers in wind-power across the maritime industry, wrapped up with ‘Raising the Bar’ showing the late Tom Perkins’ graph with a Risk curve, dropping over time, versus Investment curve, rising as risk reduced, for his innovative ‘Maltese Falcon’.

Nikkels showed an amusing cartoon and explained that you cannot innovate out of fear but need three things: “Thirst, Balls and Knowledge”. There was plenty of that spilling out to the cocktail reception and the spark ignited in Monaco for some exciting designs to be created over the coming years – by today’s generation for the new generation, who by now were wheeling their Optimists back, having enjoyed a sail in idyllic conditions.

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