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Rollin’ with the new​​ | Sailing Anarchy

[Original article: https://sailinganarchy.com/2019/07/12/rollin-with-the-new-5/]


When Infiniti Yachts asked me to be involved in developing their new Infiniti 52 concept I was immediately excited by the possibilities. An opportunity to develop a new 52 footer incorporating all the best features available in the industry today and targeted at a space in the market crying out for such a concept.

The 52 has traditionally been a very good size of yacht to perform successfully both at inshore racing and coastal / offshore racing and is big enough to be comfortable when overnighting but small enough and light enough to have that exhilarating dinghy like feel to it. There seems to be a demand from many existing and potential owners of this size of yacht to have something they can race without the need for a full professional crew of 13-15 big guys. The key concepts incorporated into the Infiniti 52 are these:

1. Designed around a highly efficient single transverse DSS foil.
2. Powered winches and systems.
3. Simple appendage package – single rudder and fixed keel.
4. Efficient, swept 3 spreader carbon mast with sail and rig plan optimised for coastal racing.
5. A workable, comfortable yet lightweight interior.
6. A requirement to efficiently race the yacht with reduced crew number of 9-10.
7. A super smart, modern and sleek look!

In more detail:
1. The DSS foil.
DSS has been around for a long time but only recently is it starting to gain mainstream traction. I have raced and sailed on many foil assisted monohulls – including Rambler 88, Wild Oats XI, Charal (IMOCA 60), Wild Joe and Maverick (Infiniti 46). All of these examples and experiences have provided valuable input into the ideal foil arrangement and concept for the new 52. A simple to operate and reliable single transverse foil provides the best solution for this target market. A foil that will start working at low yacht speeds (around 11-12 knots) when reaching and running to provide righting moment and reduce displacement resulting in a faster, more comfortable ride. At higher speeds (16+) the foil will provide really significant gains resulting in speeds far superior to any existing 50-60 foot traditional monohulls. When upwind sailing in heavy airs and/or waves the foil will act as a stabiliser – reducing pitching and making the ride more comfortable and faster!

2. Powered winches and systems.
The drive for racing with a smaller crew leads logically to powered winches and systems. Using the latest in powered winch technology and systems means an owner can race very effectively with less crew and reduced reliance on professional sailors.

3. Simple appendage package – single rudder and fixed keel.
We wanted to create an overall package that was simple. For a DSS equipped 52 the single rudder and fixed keel provide an appendage package that is easy to maintain and use and combined with DSS provides impressive and reliable performance at all windspeed and angles.

4. Efficient, swept 3 spreader carbon mast with sail and rig plan optimised for coastal racing.
The well proven swept, three spreader high modulus carbon rig is the foundation for an offshore optimised sail plan. With a very efficient triple heading configuration designed for early use of single and multiple staysails when reaching and downwind, performance jumps markedly compared with existing setups for this size of yacht. The Solent style furling headsail provides a great solution for short handed sailing and easy sail changes when fully crewed. The Solent combined with the small Genoa Staysail is the perfect combination for triple headed reaching and downwind sailing. The small GS also enables it be used at very tight angles under the regular jib ensuring early deployment and a jump in performance.
Utilizing the latest Doyle Sails cable less technology enables the rig compression and sail loads to be reduced – resulting in reduced weight for mast, rigging and yacht structure – a huge driver for overall improved performance and comfort.

5. A workable, comfortable yet lightweight interior.
The owner has the option to choose any level of fit out to suit their purpose – from stripped out coastal racer to super comfortable cruiser/racer interior.

6. A requirement to efficiently race the yacht with target crew number of 9-10.
Mostly covered already but the drive to sail with reduced crew numbers means all the systems and layout are optimized with this in mind.

7. A super smart, modern and sleek look!
Why not have a great looking yacht with performance to match! You can see some information about the new Infiniti 52 in this link.

Please get in touch if you would like to hear more about the yacht and the concepts incorporated in its design.

Kind Regards,
Stu Bannatyne.