“I never again want to build the last yacht of the previous generation.”

Infiniti Yachts challenge every norm and every pre-conception. Our yachts are lighter and more powerful, it is a step change for the industry; a paradigm shift in design and how we sail – this is not a small step or a subtle design trend – this is a revolution.

Increasing the enjoyment and comfort of all on board was a key motivator in the creation of Infiniti Yachts. Performance does not have to be at the compromise of comfort – extraordinary performance means just that. This is a smarter way to go sailing.

The Infiniti Yachts fleet ranges in size from 36ft to 105ft, and all are of carbon fibre construction. Each model delivers high performance, stability and speed, owed to their unique foil arrangement.

Established in 2011, the 36ft and 46ft designs are already on the water and turning heads. The Infiniti 46, ‘Maverick’ has already achieved 1st in Class in the 2016 Rolex Middle Sea Race and the RORC Trans Atlantic Race, and 1st in Class in again in the particularly tough 2017 edition of the Rolex Middle Sea Race.


At the core of the Infiniti design, is the Dynamic Stability System foil (DSS), which enables an Infiniti Yacht to be lighter, faster and more comfortable than any comparable monohull.

Unlike other yachts that may incorporate a foil, Infiniti Yachts are purposefully designed around the DSS right from the start, resulting in a hull design that is highly attuned with all elements working in perfect cohesion.

The patented DSS technology increases the stability and thus the performance, whilst reducing displacement, drag, pitching and heeling.

Utilising the DSS foil, Infiniti Yachts have expanded the possibilities of performance sailing, breaking boundaries and breaking records. No other company has carried out such an extensive Research & Development process to prove the technology’s attributes.